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Short-term lease for smart investors

Dubai property

While a change in government policy in 2016 has opened the lucrative short-term holiday home market to private homeowners, it has also led to a surge in holiday home management companies such as Frank Porter and bnbme that have paved the way for a new wave of investors. “Dubai has only recently legalised the holiday…

I upgraded my kitchen for a higher ROI

upgraded kitchen

For Dubai-based Danielle Jooste, getting the kitchen ready was her first priority after she moved into her six-bedroom house in Arabian Ranches’ Mirador community. The kitchen, she says, has always been for her the centre of the home, a meeting place where “memories are made and shared.” Right from the sleek quartz countertops in Jooste’s…

Guide to Troubleshooting Your Appliances

guide to troubleshooting your appliances

Few household aggravations rank higher than dealing with ailing (leaking, thumping, malfunctioning) appliances. Sometimes the machine will be beyond hope―destined for the recycling pile. Other times an inexpensive repair is all that’s needed. The first question is, How do you diagnose the problem? The next is, How do you figure out whether it’s a job…

Rental Disputes Centre applies AI technologies in real estate litigation


The Rental Disputes Centre, RDC, showcased its real estate litigation journey in service of the sector, enhancing investor confidence in Dubai’s real estate market as part of its participation at GITEX Technology Week 2018, which is being held until 18th October, 2018, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The centre’s mission in the most prominent…