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UAE real estate investment fund regulations amended

Dubai Real Estate Construction

UAE real estate investment fund regulations amended- Abu Dhabi: The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) has amended an administrative resolution related to regulating the “General Real Estate Investment Fund,” which will be in force upon its issuance. The amendment issued in 2019 includes changes to Article 2 of the administrative resolution, which stipulates that the…

Dubai must not position as a cheap destination


Dubai offers world-class infrastructure and best quality of life. If you believe Dubai should be a cheaper place to live and work for, think again. Because not everyone thinks on the similar lines. Because bankers, professors and professionals believe that the Dubai should not aim to position itself as a cheap destination. While speaking at…

No more cheque, pay rent by direct debit

Bank cheque

A new digital payment service has been launched that will allow tenants to pay their rent through direct debit. It is likely to eliminate the need for post-dated rent cheques. Asteco has partnered with the National Bank of Fujairah and Direct Debit System to use direct debit as a digital solution for all parties in…