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Outdoor DIYs to Your Summer time Crafting

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DIY Tin Can Lanterns Light up the long summer nights with the help of these vintage-feeling lanterns. Not only is this a simple craft that packs a big design punch, but these lanterns can be created for next to nothing as well, which makes them that much more appealing. Slug-Repelling Penny Ball Create a shiny…

Landscaping for Your Home Style


Arts and Crafts Characterized by built-in cabinets, exposed beams and cozy front porches, the Arts and Crafts style depends on handmade craftsmanship and naturalistic design. Choose simple plants with a natural form (i.e. waving fountain grass rather than clipped boxwoods), as well as real stone for pathways and garden borders. An old wooden bench tucked…

7 Tips to Organize Your Work Space and Stay Productive

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7 Tips to Organize Your Work Space and Stay Productive. The general condition of your living environment affects your personal productivity. Working in a clustered and messy environment has the ability to keep you distracted and in most cases, create negative energy. While some might give excuses about their space limitations, there are creative ways…

10 Functional and Cool Designs of Study Rooms

Study room ideas

10 Functional and Cool Designs of Study Rooms. Usually, when parents plan to have a house it is not forgotten to add a home office where they can work privately without being disturbed by their children. But hey mom and dad don’t forget to add a study room for your children so that they can…