10 Functional and Cool Designs of Study Rooms.
Usually, when parents plan to have a house it is not forgotten to add a home office where they can work privately without being disturbed by their children. But hey mom and dad don’t forget to add a study room for your children so that they can also do private work on their own spaces. Children should always have an important part on your house. Study room is considered to be a place where your kids can do home works, projects and arts, computer work and reading. I’m sure that if you do have this space for your kids there will be no bothering moments at your home office already.
Study room are more functional in wider areas, but I’m not saying that it does not fit with homes having small spaces. In fact you can still create a study area in the same place where your bedroom is. The main characteristic of a perfect study room are: cozy desk and chairs which if possible should be placed near windows or under light fixtures. Study rooms must contain some cabinets or bookshelves for storing of some useful documents and other things. Never forget to put boards either a chalk board or whiteboard that can be helpful. And also cork boards could also be an important piece inside the study room which serves as reminder board so that the kids do not miss important tasks.

1. Randwick Residence
Doing homework or assignments can never be hard if you have a spacious study room.

2. Stonewall Manor
Chalk board is an important piece inside a study room most especially if you need to solve some math problems.

3. Upper West Side
Always build cabinets and shelves that serves as the storage of books and some things used to study.

4. Study
The wall to wall cabinetry is a best idea to effectively keep the collection of books which is organized well that would
look very interesting.

5. Downtown Loft
This beautifully designed room is perfect as study room for your cute little girls.

6. Acadia Plan
I love the counter table and the cabinets, they match perfectly. The word study gives a real sense of motivation.

7. Summer Gardens
Study rooms must also how cork boards so that you put some reminders to it.

8. Gold Coast Rowhome
A very long study table is very functional most especially when you got to have a group study.

9. The Woodbridge
The built-in desk and book shelves conserve the space; especially for the children they need a spacious space.

10. Wyckoff Street
If you have limited spaces you can always have partitions in your house. Sliding doors can be used for more privacy in each area.

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