Natural Accessory
Geodes are both natural and glamorous, making them jewelry for the room, says Atlanta designer Melanie Turner. She likes using a geode, which is a cavity inside a rock filled with crystals (compared to agate, which is banded or striped rock), as a large-scale accessory. She paired this geode with modern art in a self-serve bar area off the kitchen in a transitional home.

Geode Two Ways
“It always amazes me that these pieces have come from the earth. Each piece is organic with its inherent characteristics that never disappoint,” said Lauren Davenport Imber of Atlanta-based Davenport Designs. “Each time you look at a piece, the eye sees another form, color or sparkle that was not there before.” Her timeless style shows in this niche with a mirror with a geode and a geode as an accessory on a dresser.

Spot the Geodes
A blend of mid-century decor, antiques and accessories, such as a dark blue geode on an occasional table, create a modern take on the traditional study. “This piece, in particular, is carved into a bowl rather than just being a large piece of a geode. It is also heavily polished so it can be used for everyday use,” said designer James Wheeler. “I chose the piece because it was a subtle repeat of all of the natural stones that were included in this space. From the fireplace surround to the alabaster sconces and the geodes that were in the chandelier, it was a nice way to add a little more to the room, but in a warmer tone to mirror some of the warmer tones that were in the fireplace material.” The room was in the 2017 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Homes for the Holiday Designer Showhouse.

Punch of Purple
“Geodes are timeless,” said designer Cathy Rhodes. In an elegant ladies lounge in an Atlanta home, a geode provided the right punch on a side table, instead of using a lamp or a vase. “The colors are beautiful and the crystals always bring an unexpected shimmer that is multifaceted. I especially like the amethyst because it works with so many colors,” she said. A purple geoid from Jamie Dietrich Designs was used in the room designed by Cathy Rhodes Interiors for the 2017 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays designer showhouse.

Contemporary Statement
A geode-inspired wallcovering by artist Bethany Travis, founder of Penshaw Hill and its EXO line, makes a statement with its abstract, contemporary design. “Walls never had it so good,” says designer Bryan Kirkland with Atlanta’s Showroom 58.

Collected Look
A geode on a mid-century Noguchi Prismatic Table and a crystal on the hearth add to the eclectic vibe in an Atlanta living room with contemporary art and a Womb Chair designed by Eero Saarinen. Homeowner Laura Boone worked with designer Elle Cantrell on the interiors.

Amethyst Wonder
Geodes, with their shape, color and weight, can be used as the only accessory on a small table. An Atlanta homeowner’s collection of crystals, including amethyst, are displayed on tables and shelves in the home.

Geode Love
Shelving in a modern eclectic master bedroom in Atlanta is filled with geodes and crystals, showing the homeowner’s passion for those items. If you have geodes, crystals and gems, another way to showcase them is to add pops of color and shine to succulents, says Megan George, author of “Modern Terrarium Studio” and owner of The Zen Succulent. “Amethyst, with its shades of glowing purple hues, is a personal favorite,” she says

Malachite Marvel
Geodes are beautiful in their natural form, but also inspire fabrics, such as this emerald green fabric that mimics the pattern of malachite. You can go big and use it as draperies or duvet covers, or punch up a sofa or chairs with pillows in the pattern.

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