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9 (Way Too Common) Bathroom-Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Bathroom-Cleaning Mistakes

Although apparently your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet, nothing feelslike a dirtier job than cleaning the bathroom. All the more reason to clean it as thoroughly as you can. Taking a look at these often overlooked ways to tidy the bathroom could very well make your bathroom cleaner than it’s ever been. Next time “bathroom…

Why Your Grout Choice Is Just As Important As Your Floor Tile

Bathroom design

After some serious contemplation, you’ve finally picked out the tile you want for your bath or kitchen—but what about the grout? The paste that fills the spaces between each tile hardly seems like the most significant design element, but the grout you choose—especially the color—can completely transform the look of the room. Here, Jesse Walker, Exquisite Surfaces’ Chicago showroom manager,…

How to Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor from Air Ducts

Air duct cleaning

Removing smoke odor from air ducts becomes an essential do-it-yourself job which, though moderately easy, still requires guidance to ensure the objective has been achieved completely. Step 1 – Identify the Smoker’s Room to Plan Identify the smoker’s room in the house, or where the odor is most concentrated, and begin work from there. Determine the…

High DEWA Bills? Here’s Something That Can Help

water tap

Being faced with a high DEWA bill at the end of the month is ever resident’s worst nightmare in Dubai. But did you know that Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have a solution that can help prevent that from happening? If you’re a smart water meter user, and have a DEWA smart meter installed in your…