Need ideas for decorating or organizing your home? You can do it using items you already own. Never throw away these 8 items. You will be surprised by how useful they can be. Here are a few hacks for your home using these items that will make your life easier.

  1. Cardboard Paper Towel Rolls

Toilet paper finished? Do not throw away the cardboard roll, instead collect them and use a hot glue gun to attach all of them. You can use it to put in your drawers to organize your accessories, office supplies, stationary etc…

Another thing you can do is bend the cardboard rolls into a shape of a flower petal and using a hot glue gun stick them all together to make a decoration piece for your wall. 

2. Bread Tags

Frustrated with tangled wires and messy cables behind your desk or TV? Use a bread tag and separate the wires and label each bread tag with a permanent marker. Position the tags at the top of wire so you can easily see them and differentiate. The same can be done with different charger cables. You will never have to look at that mess again or waste time untangling.

3. Aluminum Foil

Never throw away used aluminum foil! It can be used to clean difficult substances stuck on the inside of your pot. Crumble up the foil in a ball and scrub away.

Used aluminum foil can also be used as a silver polisher. Add boiling water to a foil- lined glass pan and submerge your silver. Add two teaspoons of salt and in just two minutes the simple chemical reaction will make your valuables good as new without damage.

4. Soap Silvers

Is your soap at that stage that it has become very small and slips out of your hand? Before calling it useless and throwing it away, try melting the left over soap silvers and combining them together. Add a little food coloring and glitter to give it a nice design and freeze the mixture until it is hard. Voila, you have a cool new soap and you save money on a new bar!

5. Egg Cartons

You no longer have to waste time untangling your necklaces and turning your drawer upside down to find your other earring. Just use an empty egg carton to store your jewelry. Be creative and use a little paint and you have an organized and ingenious way to store your jewelry. Moreover, it is very travel friendly and when not in use, can be easily tucked away and stacked.

6. Old CD’s and DVD’s

Millions of CD’s and DVD’s are incinerated each year so avoid contributing to plastic waste by transforming them into useful items:

  • Coasters; decorate old discs with paint, fabric, decorative stones and use them as coasters.
  • Ornaments; Cut the discs into different shapes and sizes =, use glue and decorate onto a glass ornament (shiny side up).
  • Decorations; paint and decorate old discs and stick on your walls to add a nice design to the room.

7. Worn or Stained Clothing

  • Cutting old and stained clothing into rags is the easiest solution – Use rags for cleaning and save money on paper towels.
  • Another option would be to up cycle old and torn jeans. Bored of your old pair? Cut out pieces of your old clothes and customize your jeans.

8. Rubber Bands

There are many helpful uses for rubber bands:

  • Secure clothing on hangers; use rubber bands on each side of the shoulder and your clothes will never fall down again.
  • Jar opener; if you can’t get a lid open, just loop a thick rubber band around it for a better grip.
  • Spoon stopper; Wrap a rubber band around a spoon to avoid it falling into the mixing bowl.
  • Keep wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans; loop one rubber band around the button and stretch it out the buttonhole, then loop it back to the button as many times as you need.

Written and published by Arms &McGregor International Realty® editorial team. Get in touch with us at [email protected]