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How to Stop Hoarding Before It Starts

Messed up room

Are you hoarding something in your home? Did you know some people are born hoarders? They’re not lazy or stubbornly attached to their possessions; they may actually be genetically predisposed to live the life of a packrat. In “Field Guide to Pack Rats: Closet Cases” psychologist Randy Frost of Smith College illuminates some of the psychology behind hoarding…

Emaar Development records Dh2b plus profit in Dubai

Dubai views

Its sales backlog now stands at Dh36b, boosted by a further 19 launches this year Dubai: Emaar Development recorded slight dips in nine-month net profit and revenues — at Dh2.07 billion and Dh9.62 billion — from a year ago. The corresponding numbers for 2018 were Dh2.5 billion and Dh10 billion. In the third quarter, net…

10 Common Kitchen Problems to Fix ASAP

Kitchen Problems

Whether your fridge isn’t keeping things cool or your oven doesn’t heat things up, kitchen appliances can cause all kinds of problems. Find out what’s causing the issue and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Knowing the average life expectancy of major appliances and small kitchen appliances can help prevent surprises. But, if the problem is beyond your…

Sleek and Chic Contemporary Kitchens

Kitchen interiors

Contemporary Kitchens Brimming With Enduring Style From sleek cabinetry to sophisticated color schemes, contemporary kitchens blend modern design with a minimalistic aesthetic to create a distinctive look that transcends trends. Think flat front cabinetry, sleek fixtures, stone features, wood accents, and stylish tile. If you are hungry to learn more, our favorite contemporary kitchens will…