Save money by making your own knock off version of your popular Anthropologie home decor items for your home, including the color coil pot, chalkboard spice jars, cirrcus duvet, tassel pillow and hand woven tapestry.

  1. DIY Anthropologie Color Coil Pot – Anthropologie’s Color Coil Pots are a stylish way to add color and texture to your indoor plants or as a holder for all your pencils and pens on your desk. Craftberry Bush made her own knockoff version of the color coil pots by alternating between wrapping white and colored yarn around a thick piece of rope which was hot glued together. The two-toned wrapped rope was then coiled around a metal jar, such as a soup can, until the jar was fully covered. To hold the rope in place, hot glue is used while the rope is coiled around the jar.
  2. DIY Anthropologie Chalkboard Spice Jars – Organize your pantry by crafting your own Anthropologie inspired chalkboard spice jars as done by Sarah Hearts. This simple DIY is very affordable, as you can use your leftover kitchen food jars, such as from jams and pickles as the base containers. Take the jars outdoors and give them a coat of white spray paint, and paint a coat of blackboard spray paint to adhesive labels which will be used on the jars. Once the paint dries, apply a label onto each jar and your spice jars are ready to use. To get the more detailed label shapes check your local craft stores, or use a Silhouette Cameo to cut your own on adhesive vinyl sheets.
  3. DIY Anthropologie Cirrus Duvet – Give your bed a plush cloud-like duvet cover similar to Anthropolgie’s Cirrus Duvet by sewing your own version using three sets of flat sheets. Neroli Blossoms’s version of the Cirrus Duvet looks identical and is a much more affordable option. This do-it-yourself version can be easily made by gathering a sheet and sewing a straight line. By repeating this process, across the top of the duvet and adding stripes of fabrics over the sewn seems you will create your own divine plush bedding.
  4. DIY Anthropologie Tassel Pillow – Make your own version of Anthropologie’s playful eye-catching tassel pillow as done by Brave New Home. Using a plain white pillow as the base, create 24 tassels using embroidery floss or yarn in a variety of colors. To create the tassels wrap embroidery floss around three fingers several times, and cut the bottom looped floss. Cut a small piece of floss to tie the loop together near the top, and cut another small piece of floss to thread through the loop at the top. Evenly space the tassels around the edges of the pillow and using thread sew the tassels onto the pillow.
  5. DIY Anthropologie Handwoven Tapestry –  Woven tapestries are a hot home accessory this year to use as wall hangings or in doorways. Weave your own tapestry, similar to Anthropologie’s Handwoven Tapestry that retails for $450.00 using a DIY peg loom, and leftover scraps of wool, pom poms and beads to create your own hand woven tapestry as done by Fall For DIY. To weave using a peg loom, simply hang pieces of yarn over each peg, then using a new piece of yarn go over and under each piece of yarn hanging from the peg loom.

Source: The Spruce