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Why Is Your Washer Leaking?

washing machine leakage

A puddle in the laundry room almost always means that your washer is leaking. Fortunately, some of the puddles mean only a minor repair is needed; others indicate a bigger problem. No matter the reason or the brand of your washer, every leak needs to be investigated and repaired before the puddle becomes a flood. It…

10 Easy Tips for Saving Money at the Paint Store

Save Money at the Paint Store

Remember that you can really save money at the paint store. Paint is one of the quickest ways to makeover your home. If you are trying to save money, updating your color scheme with paint is a budget-friendly option compared to other decorating projects around your home. Though paint can be relatively inexpensive compared to replacing counters…

Check Your Deck for These 7 Repair Issues

Regular inspection

Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of a wood deck are necessary to keep it safe, functional, and looking good. If you’re lucky enough to have one, a deck should be a source of pride and pleasure. Make it an annual event—either spring or fall—to check the deck for things like wood damage, rot, loose nails, and other types…