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Dining Room Sideboards and Buffets

dining room

The decor style of a room is defined by a number of things—the colors, the patterns, the era and style of the accessories, and more. But the room itself is mostly defined by the furniture that we choose to put in it. Sofas, coffee tables, and love seats make a living room, beds make a bedroom,…

Can You Wash Teddy Bears?

teddy cleaning

Teddy bears are greatly loved by their owners, no matter if they are young or old. Kids like to take their teddy bears everywhere, at home and to places like the park, daycare, and restaurants. No one wants dust mites and mold on their bears because this can pass germs and illnesses on to family members….

10 Things That Make a Home Look Cheap

Decorating interiors can be fun and fulfilling—and expensive. But sometimes, in an attempt to save money, we cut a few too many corners and the result is anything but beautiful. The good news is that you can decorate your home inexpensively and elegantly by avoiding some common cheap decorating solutions.  No matter your decorating budget, the goal is the same:…

6 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

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The flowers are blooming, the birds are serenading, and our house still feels like it’s stuck with winter blues. Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to freshen up our homes and get a head start on the hectic seasons of spring and summer. Clean Room-By-Room Approaching your house room-by-room is the most effective way to…