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How to Mitigate Basement Moisture


Basement moisture is one of those bedeviling problems that seem impossible to mitigate. Once you have fixed one source of moisture, another source appears. It is impossible to finish your basement without first attacking and eradicating moisture; nothing can happen before that, not drywall, not flooring, not paint. It Is Exceedingly Difficult To 100% Rid a Basement of Moisture You may…

How to Build an Outdoor Shower

outdoor shower

After working in the yard or exercising, what could be more pleasurable than taking a hot outdoor shower? Outdoor showering is a singular luxury that allows a slow transition from the activities of the day to a relaxed evening. Outdoor showers help keep your home cleaner, too, since dirt, sand, grass, and other debris are kept out of…

Modern Farmhouse Style

farmhouse style home

Comfy, cozy, and full of charm, classic farmhouse style is more popular than ever. Shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper showcase this nurturing style in all it’s comforting glory and people seem to be flocking to the look more than ever. In many ways it’s a response to the minimalist trend that was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s—people are now…

5 Habits That Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner Longer

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5 Habits That Keep Your Restroom Cleaner Longer : I hate cleaning the bathroom. It’s a chore; I don’t like being on my knees on the hard tile floor scrubbing soap scum off the bathtub or brushing my toilet. (In fact, I don’t like cleaning anywhere much at all.) And I’m sure not a lot…