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For luxury home buyers, there is more than Emirates Hills to pick

MBR City Apartments For Sale

Emirates Hills has traditionally been the bastion of discerning high networth buyers seeking premium luxury properties in Dubai. But there is now a subtle shift in the landscape. Andrew Cummings, Managing Director of, says, “We are seeing increasing interest in some of the newer communities that are emerging to challenge the crown. District One…

Dubai luxury homes market to remain resilient in 2020

Dubai luxury homes market to remain resilient in 2020

The luxury residential market in Dubai will remain resilient in 2020. Expectation derives from existing and prospective local and foreign direct investment (FDI) into the construction and purchase of exclusive luxury homes in the city’s prime residential areas. I want to explain how the luxury segment of the market remains resilient to price fluctuation, reflecting…

Dubai likely to focus new developments in key pockets

Dubai Developments

There are still pockets in Dubai which can be developed under better urbanisation plan rather than pushing the boundaries of the city to bring balance between demand and supply, “In order to re-establish balance between demand and supply, I would also encourage not to push the boundaries of the cities. Within the city, there are…

Resale and developers’ prices difference is around 20% in Dubai

Resale and developers' prices difference is around 20% in Dubai

Most of the areas in Dubai – especially new emerging areas such as the Creek Harbour, Dubai Hills, Al Jaddaf, and Dubai South – are underpriced following a persistent decline in property prices over the last five years, according to industry players. It is believed that the price difference between the resale market and the…