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How to Pick the Right Window Curtains for Your Home

We think of everything ranging from color to style, decor and accessories when dreaming up our image of a ‘perfect home’. Yet we often tend to ignore some of the little things that ultimately make the biggest difference. Window curtains definitely fall into this category and do not generally get the attention that they deserve….

Guide to Growing Healthy Houseplants — 6 Quality Tips

Once the weather cools and the snow starts to fall, most of us gardeners enter a deep “green depression.” But our guide to growing healthy houseplants will help any gardener get through the winter doldrums. Besides winter therapy, houseplants have many other benefits. Houseplants clean the air; they can brighten a dark corner, and provide…

Helpful Hints for Cleaning Bathtubs

There is nothing like a long, leisurely soak in a luxurious hot bath to soothe away the stresses of the day—that is, unless your dirty tub is one of the things that you’re stressed about! Bathtubs seem to be magnets for soap scum, mildew, and grime, not to mention stubborn stains. We all know that…