Empowering the world through knowledge and financial impact.

Who can apply? And why should you apply?

Any individual, whether you are a buyer, a seller or anyone else can apply to the Wealth and Wealth Drive if you want to achieve the following:

  • Gain more knowledge (Buy property in a better way, Sell property while more informed, or just get more knowledge on property from a scientific approach)
  • Better informed, Better decisions, more profit.
  • Gain by referring people you know while we harvest the potential.

Gaining market knowledge in today’s Real Estate market is key to success. Without market knowledge you wouldn’t be able to realize how the market is operating in practice, and what opportunities could be harvested by identifying the best investment options. Nevertheless understanding the science behind property owning and real estate investment.

Being part of the Wealth and Wealth Drive will support you with more understanding of the real dynamics of the Real Estate market to better assist you whether you are looking to buy, to sell or whether you know someone whom may be interested to become active in the real estate market.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we at Arms & McGregor International Realty firmly believe that we have to give back to our community and to our industry for the benefit of everyone.

The key to success is widening our networks together, and solidifying long-term and prosperous relationships.

How to apply:

You will need to go onto the following link:


  • Click on “Apply for Wealth & Wealth Initiative”
  • Fill in all the required fields in detail
  • Click on Submit
  • You will then be given a User ID
  • Login as an NLR
  • You will need to attend 4 Workshops in order to become an approved NLR.