Superb. Simply Superb…

The below summarizes my experience: Started with a conflict with one of their staff while trying to rent an apartment and had no time as my wife was arriving. I decided never to use them again and to make sure that I get back my deposit and insisted to get the matter up to the top or their organization and afterwards to the public as I work for a P.R. Agency... I couldn't understand what happened next. I went from renting to buying. I was amazed with how it was handled although they refused to return the deposit. I now own a property that I am happily occupying with my family. All of this is good however here comes the great experience which I had after the purchase however before occupying. I had a problem with the tenant occupying the property. Their team worked with me for more than 2 weeks to make sure that I can move in hassle free and that the tenant is happy with the solution they offered and executed. They refused to charge any amounts for the service. I considered it normal as they have sold me the apartment. Three weeks ago I started the process of buying my second property from Arms and mcgregr, they showed me 1 apartment which we loved and we are buying:) . I called them and every other one on the net 1 month ago. They took the request and said they will be back with something suitable. At this time I started seeing apartments with other agents ,needless to describe my experience with agents; I saw more than 20 apartments all over the city. Within this mess i got a call from the team at Arms and mcgregor and they informed me that i can see an aoarmtent the same day at 7:00pm. one call, one option, one hour is what it took them to get the job done. hats off. this is called professional. I recommend you buddies to any one, my whole office now knows about you; i believe i should get a discount on your fee for such a recommendation. Yours, Philip -Dubai-Palm Jumeirah- 15.11.14