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Revealed: how luxury Dubai property market compares globally

Luxury property in Dubai.

Luxury property prices in Dubai have fallen by 3.8 percent on average over the past year, according to new research by real estate consultancy Knight Frank. Its Prime Global Cities Index, Q3 2018 report ranked Dubai 39th out of 43 luxury real estate markets analysed. It said prime property prices in the emirate have fallen…

Beirut’s swanky property market bears economy’s scars

Beirut real estate

Permanently-drawn curtains on the city’s empty luxury high-rises and dust gathering over shuttered storefronts in the Beirut Souks mall offer a glimpse of the economic gloom gathering over one of the world’s most indebted countries. Prolonged conflict in Syria and political divisions at home have hit market confidence. Economic growth has been stagnant for years,…

It’s a mismatch: supply forecasts versus actual deliveries

dubai properties

In Dubai’s property market, one trend has been consistent over the last few years: the significant mismatch between actual deliveries and annual supply forecasts. Realisation rates (the ratio of delivered units to announced units) have hovered at 40-50 per cent over the last five to seven years. The source of this lag is multifold. Given…

Short-term lease for smart investors

Dubai property

While a change in government policy in 2016 has opened the lucrative short-term holiday home market to private homeowners, it has also led to a surge in holiday home management companies such as Frank Porter and bnbme that have paved the way for a new wave of investors. “Dubai has only recently legalised the holiday…