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The future has moved in: Digital Currencies and Real Estate

We have been telling you about how digital currencies are entering our real lives, and how adoption is happening across different areas of business. We have already discussed tech and fashion, so if you’re interested in those worlds, make sure to take a peek. Today, however, we are telling you all about real estate. Real estate and digital…

Resale and developers’ prices difference is around 20% in Dubai

Resale and developers' prices difference is around 20% in Dubai

Most of the areas in Dubai – especially new emerging areas such as the Creek Harbour, Dubai Hills, Al Jaddaf, and Dubai South – are underpriced following a persistent decline in property prices over the last five years, according to industry players. It is believed that the price difference between the resale market and the…

Dubai property demand-supply balance seen in 2022


Being restricted on cheques and less than accurate listings are their main peeves Demand for Dubai’s property remains pretty strong despite oversupply and demand-supply balance is likely to be achieved by 2022, say senior industry officials. Stressing that oversupply is a concern, they, however, rule out slump in demand as approximately up to 30,000 units…