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Tax impact on tenants is more psychological

Vat on Tenants

The year began with the implementation of a landmark policy by the UAE government — the introduction of value-added tax (VAT) at a rate of 5 per cent. Halfway through the year, it bears reviewing to see how VAT has affected the real estate sector. The answer to that is — marginally. The issue of…

Dubai property owners have to adjust to higher FM rates

Dubai property owners have to adjust to higher FM rates

As peak summer is upon us, so too are the calls for the maintenance of the air-conditioning and the water tanks and the like. This is invariably the time of year when the domestic housing infrastructure comes under the most pressure. As properties age, this is also the time when avoidance of proper maintenance starts…

Dubai home prices down 20% since market peak in 2014

rental decline

Dubai residential properties have seen their capital values decline by 20 per cent since the market peak of mid-2014, says consulting firm ValuStrat. However, the steep declines have boosted sales as transaction volumes and average ticket sizes have increased across the board. Quarterly declines of more than five per cent were registered in locations such…

Are Dubai’s prime homes getting smaller?

smaller apartments

Despite Dubai’s image as an expensive metropolis, prime properties in the city are among the most spacious and lowest-priced of comparable global hubs, almost 40 per cent cheaper than Singapore and 50 per cent less than in Moscow or Paris, according to the Global Comparisons report by Core Savills. As a result, one can buy…