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Secure your homes before heading on vacation

Home safety

Holiday season is that time of the year when burglars work overtime, taking advantage of unsuspecting vacationers, who are far away from home. As summer holidays begin the incidents of break-ins and burglaries increase, so you will do yourself no harm if you take extra precautionary measures to make sure you have stress-free vacations. According…

Ways to Make Your Home as Colorful as a Rainbow

Home decor

Bursts of Color It’s easy to add a rainbow burst of color to your home without going totally over-the-top. Just look for artwork, accents like pillows and colorful vases or furniture in juicy brights to get this look. Here a large window in white fills the living room with ample light and reflects off the…

DIY Wallpaper Projects to Dress Up Your Home

wall paper

Dress Up Your Dresser Drawers Swap patterned wallpaper for traditional drawer liners — it’s the perfect use for leftover paper. Add Personality to a Bookcase Thanks to an Americana-inspired palette and wallpaper with a bold, oversized pattern, what once was a lackluster bookcase is now an eye-catching focal point filled with a family’s favorite objects….

7 Indoor Plants That Can Actually Purify the Air in Your Home

indoor plants

All plants release oxygen through photosynthesis, but some special species may have built-in air-filtering systems, too. A famous 1989 NASA study found that several common houseplants may actually remove carcinogenic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air in a controlled lab setting. While subsequent research found inconclusive results about their effectiveness in actual homes,…