Holiday season is that time of the year when burglars work overtime, taking advantage of unsuspecting vacationers, who are far away from home. As summer holidays begin the incidents of break-ins and burglaries increase, so you will do yourself no harm if you take extra precautionary measures to make sure you have stress-free vacations.
According to a home security expert, when people go away for vacations, they leave homes vulnerable to break-ins and burglaries. So ahead of this holiday season, Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Vice President — Business Development at Ring, offers some security tips to make sure homes in the UAE are secure while residents are away on vacation.

Spare keys
“Burglars are surprisingly good at finding spare keys. Before going away for the holidays, be sure to remove all spare keys from your property. You can also consider hiding fake spare keys in a key vault, which can delay a burglar from breaking into your home or prevent a break-in altogether,” said Mohammad Meraj Hoda. He added that neighbours can be the best defence against burglars. “If everyone in the neighbourhood takes care of one another, the burglars don’t stand a chance. Please don’t sacrifice security for convenience,” he said.

Secure entryways
According to Hoda, doors and windows are the most vulnerable areas of your home. In addition to double-checking your locks before you leave it is important to take steps that will make it look like you are still at home. “Simple thin