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Waterfront homes are more accessible than ever

Waterfront homes

From price to availability, residents are finding more reasons to buy a waterfront property Waterfront properties around the world are usually limited and exclusive. However, Dubai has changed all that by adding hundreds of kilometres of coastline, artificial lakes and canals. “Being waterfront is predominantly about the views. Whenever we as a developer get a…

Diversify your investments: alternative real estate assets in the UAE

Alternative real estate assets

Expanding beyond villas and apartments offers the possibility of enjoying a more hands-off investment Many real estate investors in the UAE automatically think of villas or apartments when they consider investing in property. However, there are a number of alternative sub classes in the real estate market that a buyer can consider. Expanding beyond villas…

Tips when investing in rental property

Dubai tenancy investment tips

Buying a rental property can be a lucrative proposition as it offers a steady income almost instantly. However, this could turn into a nightmare without proper due diligence. The first thing one needs to do is to check the validity of the title deed and ensure the seller is the real owner of the property….