The Shoreline apartments are situated on the east side of the Trunk of The Palm, Jumeirah. Staying in the Shoreline apartments is an amazing experience, where one is surrounded by serene waters, beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. All apartments in the Shoreline apartments have very big and airy balconies with great views of the Jumeirah coastline and Burj Al Arab.
The beautiful Shoreline apartments consist of one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, and four bedroom penthouses with a choice of breathtaking water views and an array of floor plans.
One of the greatest features of this development is their facilities: there is a gym for each two-adjacent buildings and a sizable infinity pool right on the beach. The beach itself is very wide and its serenity is complemented by nice landscaping. Residents living in the buildings on the right hand side (buildings 1 to 10) can enjoy all of it at their doorstep, while the ones living on the left side (buildings 11 to 20)  have to cross to street to use the beach and facilities.

Right side Buildings
Al Basri (Bldg 1), Al Dabas(Bldg 2), Al Sultana(Bldg 3), Jash Falqa(Bldg  4), Al Hatimi(Bldg 5), Al Khudrawi(Bldg  6,) Al Haseer(Bldg  7) Al Nabat(Bldg  8) Al Msalli(Bldg  9) Al Das(Bldg  10)
Left side buildings
Al Habool (Bldg 11) Al Anbara(Bldg  12) Al Sarood(Bldg  13) Al Hallawi(Bldg  14) Al Tamr(Bldg  15) Al Shahla(Bldg  16) Abu Keibal(Bldg  17) Jash Hamad(Bldg  18) Al Hamri(Bldg  19) Al Khushkar(Bldg  20)

Facilities and amenities:
• Infinity pool
• Gym access
• Private beach access
• Private health club
• Children’s playground
• Restaurant complex
• Private health club
• Clubhouse
• Underground parking