Ministry of Interior warns of defrauding ads

The UAE Ministry of Interior has alerted residents and citizens of scam operations through fake companies promoting the sale of real estate abroad through advertisements in the media, according to a report in Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm.

The Ministry called on people to exercise caution when making an investment in order to not become a victim of any scam.

The case emerged when residents and citizens told Emarat Al Youm of the proliferation of advertisements in local online journals promoted the sale of real estate and land in some Arab and European countries.

They questioned the validity and legality of dealing with these companies. They confirmed that when they communicate with the advertisers asking them to preview the property, they insisted to preview it via the photo without a preview on the ground.

They emphasised that this raises their suspicion and doubts about the authenticity of such deals and companies.

Lt. Colonel Hammoud Al Affari, Deputy Director of the Law Respect Culture Bureau at MOI, told Emarat Al Youm that some such individuals have exploited the media through fake advertisements aimed at getting money to provide services.

He added that some of these ads might be a trap to defraud people and rob their money or make fake deals.

He pointed out that those swindlers adopting very professional manners to trap their victims do not disclose all relevant information on real estate sales, the right location, or a statement, or being free of obligations, or exaggerate the real price of the said property.

Al Affari appealed individuals to exercise caution where some of those swindlers resort to using psychological methods to influence on people and they play on their desire for quick profit.

Al Affari stressed that people must make sure that the company that publishes such ads is registered in the UAE as per the applicable laws.

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