Accused admits forging documents

Five Asians, three Indians and two Bangladeshis, allegedly forged a tenancy contract of Ajman Municipality to bring one of the accused’s wife on a residence visa to the UAE, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday.

AB, 54, sales executive, asked MB 45, salesman, to arrange a tenancy contract to attach it with the residence visa application to bring his wife into the UAE.

With the help of three accused and a fugitive, MB managed to get AB a forged lease contract that carried Ajman Municipality’s logo.

AB enclosed the forged contract with the visa application and submitted it to Dubai Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department. But the department’s employee discovered that the contract is forged.

When the applicant was questioned about authenticity of the contract, he admitted obtaining it by paying Dh4,500 and the information he provided was incorrect.

“I needed a tenancy contract to be able to sponsor my family,” he told the officer.

Ajman Municipality reported that the contract was forged and the stamp used on the contract is not in use.

The court will announce its verdict on May 25.

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