As the UAE driving licence is only valid for 10 years, it needs to be renewed when it has expired.

Having your driving licence renewed in the UAE is simple though, as it can be done at any traffic office across the Emirates or at The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offices in Dubai in less than an hour.

You will need to:

• Submit the application and the required documents at the customer services centre of the drivers licensing section

• Undergo an eye test

• Provide an eye test certificate from a recognised optician or ophthalmologist

• Have a copy of your valid passport with residence visa stamp

• Submit original expired licence

• Have an Emirates ID

• Provide two recent photos

• If you are driving a heavy vehicle or operating heavy mechanical equipment you will need a letter from your employer as well

Be sure that your traffic file number is clear from all the fines because if you have traffic fines, then you will be asked to pay the fee and all the fines.

And after clearing all fines and all other documents are OK, you will get your new driving licence within 30 minutes to one hour.

The licence renewal fees is Dhs110.

The applicant should go in person to where a driving licence can be renewed, or use the online service.

You can renew your driving licence online by doing an eye test and posting the results online through the RTA website.

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