Meridian will be 11-storeys high

A tower inspired by Dubai’s Burj Al Arab will is being built in England’s Plymouth city, according to a local news report.

The so-called ‘Dubai-style tower’ planned for Plymouth’s waterfront is to be part of development named Meridian and will costing £40 million (Dh193 million), The Plymouth Herald reported.

Taking its inspiration from a ship, Meridian will be an 11-storey-high building, comprising 64 luxury apartments with sea views.

In contrast, Burj Al Arab, inspired by the shape of a traditional dhow sail, rises to a height of 689 feet, has 56 storeys, with 202 hotel rooms.

“The building will be held up by a series of curved steel ‘ribs’ and its sail-like shape means it has been likened to the famous Burj Al-Arab hotel in Dubai,” the report said.

The project, developed by UK-based Linden Homes, has been designed by Burke Rickhards Architects and will also feature two other contemporary apartment buildings, with 34 and 44 apartments, respectively.

No start date for the project has been given though it received planning consent in March 2015, the report said.

In 2014, The Express newspaper reported that a UK-based millionaire was looking to transform Dorset, a sandy peninsula, into a modern holiday destination akin to Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

Part of this plan was a 33-storey “sports tower” built for abseiling, bungee jumping and rock climbing, a huge seven-star hotel shaped like a seagull, a large marina, an open air swimming pool and theatre, the report said.

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