A complete overhaul of Dubai’s building classification system promises to make rent fairer for residents.

The overhaul, which is being carried out by the Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) Technical Affairs Department, has so far assessed 20,000 plots of land and more than 120,000 units including schools, retail units, apartments, offices and public amenities.

A spokesperson for the DLD told 7DAYS that the new system will make the entire process fairer for everyone.

“What this will do is when we are building the new system it will give us a clearer update to the Ejari system,” she said.

“It will clarify each unique building and what’s different about it from others, we take into account how secure they are and what services are available in each building as it will help us establish new rents.

“It means that the rating of each building will be different even if they are in similar areas so that it’s more fair for people, it means that you’re paying for the service you are getting and not just a set fee for the area you are living in.”

The ambitious project will see every single apartment in Dubai mapped out on a database with a star rating for each building.

“This has far reaching benefits not only for governmental and regulatory bodies but also for tenants, landlords, investors and businesses,” read a statement issued by the DLD yesterday.

The new system has been brought in to create a “more transparent and reliable Dubai, in line with the Dubai Plan 2021.”

Under the new set-up an administrator will visit each property and conduct a survey of the building, going into every floor.

Director General of DLD Sultan Butti Bin Mejre said: “Our whole project team is extremely proud to see our technical developments and hard work bearing fruit. “We are confident that the training programme will guarantee delivery of the project’s core aims.”

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