The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has launched an app that will help residents check the details of their rental contract through their smartphone. The new app will also calculate rent increases for existing tenants, eliminating the need to access the DLD website for running a query on the rent increase calculator.
The step is one of many the Dubai government has taken over the past months to further its Smart City vision, which aims at making the city the “smartest” by 2017. The year 2015 was declared the year of innovation and the government had urged innovators and entrepreneurs to come up with radical technological ideas that could make life in the emirate better. In this regard, Dubai’s ruler also earmarked funds worth $544 million to finance innovations and tech-camps in the city.
And as with everything the government does, the end goal is people’s happiness. Keeping the goal in sight, the ‘Ejari’ mobile phone application aims at reducing number of visits owners and tenants have to make to the DLD office. DLD Rental Affairs Sector Deputy CEO Mohammed Yahya said the smart application had been developed with the aim of ensuring the happiness of landlords and tenants and to reduce the need for physically visiting the DLD office frequently.
It is already mandatory for all tenants to register their rent contracts with DLD’s Ejari system. It is also mandatory to cancel the Ejari registration once the tenancy expires, otherwise the system does not accept a new registration.
The app stores the contracts on the basis of the mobile phone number provided and all contracts registered against a particular number are clearly displayed. Users can print the contract using the app but must make sure that the information provided is correct and not a violation of the rental sector rule.
Mohammed Yahya added that the department was confident that the “new platform will deliver ease of use and provide a valuable timesaver for all parties concerned, ensuring less time is needed from the auditors, which will in turn greatly contribute towards more speedy delivery”.
Rental Relations Regulatory Department Director Hamdan Al Madhani said, “The development of such solutions greatly contributes towards highlighting DLD’s approach to services, which utilises the latest in technology developments and seeks to support the renaissance of the real estate sector in Dubai. We will continue our ongoing efforts directed towards improving all services in real estate rental affairs, through the provision of smart initiatives.”

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