“We will need quarter the number of the agents as our systems will increase in efficiency while we introduce automation and self-transacting to our market”, said Makram Hani, Founder and CEO of Arms & McGregor International Realty.

Arms & McGregor International Realty a market leader in property consultancy and brokerage started introducing technology through digital initiations and acquisitions have now decided to rely more on technology to enhance customer experience and improve transparency.

The company is part of Arms & McGregor International Group which has significant investments in digital property portals and other digital ventures. Several ventures have been announced over the past two years and started 2020 with a sizable investment in the smart business solution venture Verifeco.com.

Makram Hani said “we want to enhance our client’s access to a mature complete experience which was beyond the expectations and meets the current and future market needs. We are so pleased to be the major player in the market where the regulator is committed to innovation and the competition is high with most parties working towards more effectiveness and transparency”.

For more information please visit www.armsmcgregor.com.