One of the elite companies in international luxury real estate will be accepting digital currencies with Utrust.

Zug, Switzerland — 06 March, 2020 — Utrust, the leading cryptocurrency payment solution offering instant transactions, buyer protection, and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements, has announced one of the most prestigious real estate agencies in the world has joined their portfolio of merchants. The Dubai-based company is led by an executive team with over a decade of experience and they boast acclaimed success in property sales, new development marketing, leasing, and property management services.

In the words of Makram Hani, CEO of Arms & McGregor: “A collaboration between Utrust & Arms &McGregor International Realty will open a whole world of real estate to cryptocurrency holders. We plan to get every developer, seller and fellow real estate agent, selling property to crypto currency holders worldwide. We are in advance stages of communication with developers and multi-unit owners to get them join our system and benefit of our collaboration with Utrust. We will allow sellers access to the liquidity offered in the crypto market without them needing to live any of the risks of volatility or challenges of none familiarity with crypto currencies; as sellers can receive their funds instantly in a  Fiat currency of choice.”

By joining Utrust, and accepting digital currencies, Arms & McGregor intends to continue what has proven to be one of the keys to their success: treating every client as an individual, seeking different things. This means anticipating the market’s needs, and continually developing new methods.

Accepting digital currencies will open the doors to a whole new market for the company, and not only for buyers. If you want to sell a property and accept the payment in digital currencies, that service will be available. With Utrust, you’ll even be able to get paid in fiat, on your own bank account.

For Utrust, this means not only exploring the real estate vertical for the first time, but also entering a new geography: the middle east. It will also allow for the testing of its B2B solutions. Dubai is a thriving real estate market, with 44,500 real estate transactions completed from November 2018 until November of the following year. November 2019 alone saw deals worth AED9.27bn ($2.5bn) registered, making it the best month of a year that had already registered AED76.6bn ($20.9bn) in transactions.

Aside from the Arms & McGregor site, Utrust will also be available in the company’s other two sites and Property ePortal, giving the company a comprehensive presence in this market.

In the words of Sanja Kon, Utrust CEO: “Utrust wants to be a global company, and a key aspect of our product is the fact that it’s borderless. This means we want to be bold and explore every market available to us. Welcoming Arms & McGregor means entering both the real estate market, the middle east and a new B2B solution in the company of innovative and experienced partners.”

Sanja Kon, Utrust CEO, and Makram Hani, Arms & McGregor CEO, are available for further comments


Utrust is the leading cryptocurrency payment solution designed to modernize the finance and payments industry and solve the problems of traditional payment methods by offering instant transactions, buyer protection, and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for the merchant. The Swiss-based startup was granted SRO approval to operate as a ‘financial intermediary’ under VQF, the self-regulatory organization approved by Switzerland’s independent financial-markets regulator, FINMA. The Utrust platform went live in 2019 when football club S.L. Benfica came on board as the first merchant and the first major European football club to accept cryptocurrency. Utrust has since added Phone House Portugal, Alternative Airlines, More From, Whow Games, eSolidar and several others to a growing list of merchants.

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