It is so common in our world to search for golden formula’s and magic theories to try and generate profits of your investments.Some of our choices are built with one perspective in mind, some others are start with a thought that seemed smart at the time.Every time one of us has a feeling that the rule or theory in hand is the magic one, the result may be overwhelmingly ridiculous, or let me call it perfectly logical.It is perfectly logical to scientifically reach a disaster every time you follow such a theory. It is overwhelmingly ridiculous to believe that you may reach profit this way except by mere luck.

There is a very big difference between amateur investors, gamblers and disciplined investors.

Every single one of us would love to think that he is a disciplined investor, however we mostly act as gamblers or amateurs. It is so difficult to be disciplined while you see many people making loads of money by taking the occasional bet. It is very difficult to be disciplined while feeling that you should move with the buzz and follow some crowd of some kind as it may soon be too late.

It is difficult however it pays off in the long term.

“He that resteth upon gains certain shall hardly grow to great riches; and he that puts all upon adventures doth oftentimes break and come to poverty: it is good therefore to guard adventures with certainties, that may uphold losses.” Sir Francis Bacon

By Makram H. Hani
C.E.O. Arms &McGregor International Realty®

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