Double-Duty Dining Room
Whether it’s a quirky spot off the main room, a hallway or even in a closet, a nook is all you need to create a quiet space where you can get things done. Make sure the area is a couple of feet wider than your chair, so you have room to move and plenty of work surface for a laptop, mouse and paperwork.

Home Collab
Creating a flexible workspace is a smart move, especially for a couple (or roomates) who both work from home occasionally. You save money (no fancy office equipment), space (one less bedroom) and time (skip the 45-minute commute). You don’t need an MBA to see that’s one sweet business proposition.

Nook Necessities
To maximize your work surface, go with wall-mounted light fixtures — especially if your desk is small. A nook also provides privacy, helping you focus on tasks and be totally present for all those super-fun conference calls! Take advantage of surrounding walls by hanging calendars, corkboard or desk organizers to store small office supplies.

Employ Your Entry Table
Sure, that entry table is a lovely spot to drop your keys, wallet and mail; it’s also an ideal place to catch up on emails or write that proposal that was due yesterday.

Cozy Up to the Bar
Don’t overlook the convenience of a breakfast bar when it comes to creating a temporary home office. You don’t even need a stool; hello, standing desk! Another perk is the proximity to your coffeemaker.

Bar Benefits
There are several compelling reasons to clock in at your kitchen bar. Besides the benefits a standing desk provides (burning more calories, better posture, less back pain), you can keep healthy snacks at the ready. Not to mention, it’s an excellent excuse to treat yourself to some comfy barstools.

A Different Kind of Cube
Fancy desk chairs are great if you have the budget and space, but they aren’t altogether necessary. A simple cube or ottoman can pair well with an accent table, plus it’ll encourage good posture.

Console Control
A good-looking console table or credenza can be transformed into a sprawling work surface with storage for days. Chances are you already have a great lamp or two on it, so you’re already halfway there!

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