Few Ways to Dress Up Blank Walls

1: Washi Tape Pattern
If you live in a dorm or apartment, it may be against the rules to permanently affix decor onto the walls. Cue the washi tape. Use a variety of colors and patterns to get a custom look you love, and simply switch it out when you want a new look.

2.Dress up even the smallest of areas, like a nook or entryway, with a little bling

3.Even your kitchen walls could use some sprucing up. Print your favorite photographs, put them in basic frames and hang them at varying heights for an art gallery look right in your own kitchen.

4.Give your walls a cool effect with a pop art look. Get simple instructions on how to make a faux screenprint that will bring a little quirkiness to any room.

5.You can find artistic inspiration using everyday items. Michelle Edgemont dip-dyed coffee filters and placed them in a random pattern on the wall using glue dots to create a dramatic flower effect.

6. Give an old map a modern spin with a multi-frame application. Choose your favorite destination spots, or use a map of your hometown.

7.Use family photos to make a customized wallpaper design

8.Don’t forget about the staircase wall. If you’re living in a small space, you can make a workspace underneath the stairs by installing a floating desk against the staircase wal

9.You can find a plethora of inspirational signage in stores, but you can make your own, too.

10.The patterns on the animal heads add a modern touch, bringing two contrasting styles together.

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