In today’s lifestyle it gets really difficult for people to maintain their household due to work and stress. So here are few ways that can be used to transform a room in 5 minutes, which makes the whole process of moving into a different world or feel much easier with a few small touches which doesn’t take much time and money from your day. The advantages of redesigning a home will have a great impact as one will feel better in terms of mood and satisfaction, since it is purely cost efficient and not time consuming.

  1. Rearranging a gallery wall

A big difference can be made by rearranging a gallery wall with either a bunch of family photos, scenery, themed frames, posters or various kind of art works based on your interest and theme.

  • Placing room dimers or colorful lamps

Lights are a kind of therapy which keeps fluctuating your mood from good to bad or even vice-versa if not selected appropriately. Hence, lighting effects play a major role in redesigning a house with either a pleasant or energetic feeling.

  • Carpets

    A carpet change in your home is a great idea to enhance the style and appearance of  rooms         that comes in different range of textures, patterns and colors. Carpets give a subtle, war and       comfortable surface underfoot which makes it feel like a home. It is basically an accessory             that defines a special space.

  • Do a little rearranging

Always consider your house to be a skeleton structure where all the things are a part of it that has to keep moving around to give it a different ambience whenever you feel. It gives you the joy of changing an entire set-up without spending a ton of money or energy and not spending hours to get for an evening party at home.                 

  • Switch up your accessories

This could be a very simple step where you have to replace or rearrange all the accessories and décor of your house that can change the vibe of the space. Accessories can also change the entire theme of the house from place to another.

Written and published by Arms &McGregor International Realty® editorial team. Get in touch with us at [email protected]