Set a Green Table
Agate, geodes and the fun addition of porcupine quills add an unexpected flourish to this tablescape featuring echeveria, tillandsia and cactus. “This is a simple design to try at home,” says Sara Fried of Fête Nashville: Luxury Weddings, a wedding and event planning firm. “Unlike many high-end tablescapes, succulents and cacti can be a fool-proof design option. They arrive with personality. I love when a client chooses to about-face from the traditional and opt for succulent tablescapes,” says Fried. “I’m beginning to see a shift with what was once a minimalist look into fully-designed, color-driven pieces packed with design elements that span geode, quills, feathers, stone, and wood. It’s striking in a way that floral often can’t provide.”

Shine On
How gorgeous is this combo of copper pot, chunky purple amethyst, hawthoria ‘Zebra’ and sempervivum? To create this look, cut your hen and chicks (sempervivum) and position at an angle in the pot, filling your container with cactus potting mix. Rocks at the bottom of the container help with drainage. End the design with your amethyst and moss. Don’t forget to soak your hen and chicks every two weeks and replace. Lightly water your hawthoria with about one tablespoon of water every two weeks. Keep in mind, says Fried, that you can make your succulent designs even more easy care by using succulent cuttings rather than planting them in containers. Cut where the root begins, says Fried and position in your container. Cuttings can be easily changed out. Just remember to soak your cuttings every two or three weeks in a bowl of water and they should last for months without roots. When you are done with your arrangement you can place the cutting in soil in a container or in your backyard and “watch it root and grow” says Fried.

Micro Landscapes
These long narrow containers are a great vehicle for this whimsical arrangement of cacti, hawthoria and agave. In addition to the porcupine quills, agate and crystals Nashville-based Honey + Gunn Succulents added preserved billy buttons. “We love a combination of two of these pieces side by side on a dining table,” says Anne Gunnels of Honey + Gunn Succulents. “The look is stunning while offering a low design for cross-table conversation.”

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