Storage and Organization

Streamlined Laundry Room Design

With open shelving, cabinets and a countertop for folding clothes, this laundry room was definitely designed with efficiency in mind. A front-loading washer and dryer tuck to the side to make the space feel even larger.

Easy & Efficient Transport System

Opening the cabinet doors reveals a hidden laundry basket on rails. By connecting to the master closet, this drawer makes carrying clean and dirty clothes between the two spaces even easier.

Corner Cabinets in the Kitchen

Corner cabinets help utilize every inch of space in the kitchen. Because this set is so close to the laundry room, the owners could even use it as a place for dish towels and extra linens.

Clean Open Shelving

Above the sink, open shelves not only allow for views of the backyard, but also ensure that the kitchen remains as bright and airy as possible. Thanks to their custom pipe and wood design, these features also turn everyday objects into an eye-catching display.

 Ample Organization Options

Drawers with removable pegs allow the owners to customize their cabinetry and store items like cookie sheets, serving trays and pots together. In turn, the kitchen stays nice and organized.

Flex Space With Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

In addition to concealing a secret virtual reality room, this floor-to-ceiling bookcase can serve as a display for prized possesions. By mixing ceramic accents with books and baskets, the features draws some serious visual interest

Storage Beneath the Stairs

Yes, it’s true; even the staircase boasts clever storage solutions. Drawers beneath the first two steps keep essentials like blankets and pillows on hand for guests.

Master Closet With Custom Cabinet

What master suite would be complete without a walk-in closet? A floor-to-ceiling cabinet divides the space, with a shoe rack on top and a basket below that connects back to the laundry room.

Stacked Shoe Rack

A generously-sized shoe rack ensures that every heel, loafer and sneaker is accounted for. Meanwhile, an ottoman below gives the owners a place to sit while strapping up their shoes or tying their laces.

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