Nothing brings the outside indoors like glass doors and rows of windows. They create an instant portal to the great outdoors. And with sliding glass doors and windows that are also stackable/foldable, you can maximize your indoor and outdoor spaces while increasing your entertainment options. Below are some of the ways versatile glass doors and windows are being used today.

Natural Light/Energy Efficiency

Sliding doors have extra large panes of glass and, according to Mark Liston, President of Glass Doctor, when the doors are shut, they function like floor-to-ceiling windows that allow enormous amounts of natural light to enter. “This makes your home feel grander and more inviting,” Liston explains. However, he recommends getting UV-blocking glass to prevent sunlight from heating up the house or causing any upholstery to fade.

“Glass isn’t an effective insulator, but modern window technology allows sliding doors to grant you those stunning views without forcing your utility bills up,” Liston says. “Look for composite gaskets, double-pane glass and other features designed for energy efficiency.”


Sliding glass doors and windows also allow you to take full advantage of a fantastic view. “If your home overlooks a beautiful garden, or if you just want to keep an eye on your children playing in the yard, these large glass panes provide excellent views of the outside,” Liston says.

Space Saving

“Because they glide open, sliding glass doors help you maximize your square footage,” Liston explains. As a result, you can place furniture close to either side of the door and the items don’t have to be moved to open or close the doors.

Combine Indoor/Outdoor Living

When the weather is warm, these doors allow you to increase your entertaining space. “Host parties where some guests are indoors and others are outside without feeling too separate from one another,” Liston says.


“The streamlined look of a sliding glass door adds an elegant aesthetic to any home,” Liston says. “It melds well with most architectural styles, especially modern designs, and offers unsurpassed functionality and practical use.”

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