Suede is a very essential element in the fall. It not only keeps us warm in those chilly days but also helps us look fashionable, stylish and happening in garments like leather jacket, trousers, footwear’s. But at the same time it is also difficult to maintain soiled and dirtied suede on any kind of garment or footwear.

Suede is warm, soft and cuddly and cleaning the suede adds conditions which keep leather soft and supple. It is always preferred to get it professionally cleaned, which is a bit expensive but of course ensures longevity of your garment.

However I clean suede myself and if you too intend to do so just follow the methods that I use and even you can become proficient and effective in cleaning suede yourself.

Firstly I gently rub suede with a soft towel so that it restores some of its soft and fuzzy texture. Then take a pencil rubber and rub gently on the soiled area of suede. You would notice that the dry stains and marks are going away.

If the stain is wet use a paper towel to absorb most of the liquid first. Please refrain from using any stain remover if you want to have your suede professionally cleaned. It at times interferes with the process of cleaning suede. A specific suede brush is available in the market which is most effective for cleaning suede which is also called a nubuck brush.

To clean shoes use a small amount of white vinegar on a dampen cloth. Gently rub the shoe with the damp cloth and after that allow it to dry in the open air.

You can also have a “Shower & Stain” protection applied to suede items. This will potentially prevent spotting from rain showers and repel some stains.

Finally, I would always advise that stains on leather and suede should be treated professionally as we are unsure of the methods and actions applied during its making. Do not delay in cleaning a stained or heavily soiled leather or suede garment else it will become permanent which is difficult to clean.

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