Tell Your Home’s Story With Color

Color Combinations
 Sugar & Cloth

Every home has a story to tell. Some home stories are sweet, simple and minimalist, while others are more complex, featuring layers of materials and textures. And many fall somewhere in between.

That said, the tools you use to tell that story can be found nearly anywhere, from the furniture you choose to the decor you showcase. But few make an impact the way a strong color story does.

The color combination you choose for your home sets the tone for your entire space, which makes them a perfect opportunity for updating your home for a new season. And given the killer color combinations we’re seeing in interior decorating trends this summer, there are a ton of exciting new ways to revamp your color scheme this season.

Black and Mixed Metallics

Color Combinations
 Sarah Sherman Samuel

Black probably isn’t the first hue that comes to mind when considering colors for the warmer months, but the times they are a-changin’. Dark hues actually happen to be one of the hottest color trends of summer.

From the bathroom to the kitchen, black is popping up in all sorts of unconventional spaces, so it’s only right that it makes a surprising seasonal appearance as well. Pair the inky hue with coppers, silvers, and golds to make a an impact that’s as chic as it is surprising.

Pale Pink and Baby Blue

Color Combinations

Here’s another unconventional but ultra-gorgeous combination. Colors traditionally reserved for nurseries are being given a grown-up makeover this season.

When these hues are paired with organic materials and natural finishes, they’re actually incredibly sophisticated. And their subtle tone makes them particularly stellar for playing with bold textures, like faux-fur, without the risk of overwhelming your aesthetic.

Hot Pink and Tourquoise

Color Combinations
 Sugar & Cloth

If you’ve been itching to make your design a little brighter and bolder, then this summer is a great time to start.

Hot pink and turquoise are infusing energy into all kinds of homes this summer. One of the things that makes this color combo so great is that it’s bold enough that it eliminates the need for lots of extra decor to make a stylish impression.

White and Rattan

Color Combinations
 Billie Rose

Bright, breezy, and beachy are the adjectives we’d use to describe the white and rattan color trend, making it perfect for the mellow vibes of summer.

This combination also couldn’t be easier to style. Simply stick with a white-dominant color palette and incorporate some rattan via planters and storage baskets, and your home will feel like an everyday vacay.

Peach and Yellow

Color Combinations
 Old Brand New

Given that sunset hues are making major waves in 2017, it’s no surprise that the shining combination of yellow and peach are making such an impression this summer.

You can opt for a few accents, such as throw pillows or small pieces of decor, or you can make a big stylish splash by painting a statement door and incorporating a bold rug like this in this home. Either way, your home will be happier for it.

Blue and White

Color Combinations
 House of Turquoise

The nautical combination of blue and white is one that will never go out of style. This color scheme always looks particularly fitting during the warm summer months.

Its light and airy feel will uplift any space, and the combination is subtle enough that it opens the door for plenty of texture and pattern play. Try it in the kitchen for a clean and refreshing feel.

Purple and Turquoise

Color Combinations

Purple and turquoise is the kind of combination that will immediately renew any space it’s a part of, so it’s great for those areas of your home that have been feeling a little flat lately.

The combination’s cool tones make it work especially well in the bedroom, but of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to design, so try it anywhere that feels right to you.

Source: The Spruce

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