There are a number of design trends you can’t go wrong with when you’re looking for ways to improve your kitchen. Whether you’re focused on creating more space or updating your appliances, stick to classic looks your whole family will love.

Here are eight kitchen design trends that never go out of style and let you create a trendy place to cook, eat and hang out in the comfort of your home.

An open layout — A large, spacious kitchen with hardwood flooring is perfect for cooking up a storm and accommodating family meals, so keep in mind the way this space transitions into the rest of your home when opening up your kitchen.
A dynamic combination of lights — A mix of sunlight with accent and ambient lights is ideal when creating bright, beautiful indoor spaces, so look for places to add new, long-lasting bulbs to bring your kitchen to life.
An abundance of storage space — A convenient selection of deep drawers, built-in cabinets and more is handy when you need to put away food and cookware, so install accessible, spacious storage areas when designing your new kitchen.
A single-level island — A long, counter-height island with a marble top is a bonus when preparing meals and entertaining guests, so make room for this added cooking space and seating area when improving your kitchen.
A spacious sink — A long, wide sink up against moisture-repelling subway tile is a helpful way to prevent backsplash when you wash big pots and pans, so focus on finding an impressive sink and creating a tough backdrop to add functionality to your kitchen.
A set of stainless steel appliances — A collection of vintage or modern stainless steel appliances is key when cultivating a neutral look, so choose a top-of-the-line refrigerator, oven and more to create a distinguished kitchen space.
A polished silver finish — A series of polished silver accents works wonders when it comes to creating a modern look, so incorporate this motif into your kitchen with new faucets, cabinet handles and more.
A classic white backdrop — A clean white look is a good starting point when you’re designing a color scheme for cooking and eating areas, and then use furniture, accessories and more to add a pop of color to your classic kitchen.
If you’re looking for ways to create a timeless space for cooking, eating and entertaining in your home, these eight kitchen design trends, which never go out of style, are here to lend a hand. A new, improved kitchen will increase your property’s market value and embellish your home life, so choose the repairs and renovations you think will stay most relevant to your neighborhood and lifestyle.

When you’re ready to take the next steps to fixing up your kitchen, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or requests you may have about enhancing this space.

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