Did you turn the air conditioner on in the middle of a heat wave just to find out that it’s making your house smell like mold? Are you unable to get your glass shower doors streak-free?

Thomas O., a viewer from Oakforest, Illinois, wanted to know what to do about the moldy smell coming out of the air ducts when he turns his air conditioning on. With summer temperatures inspiring us to turn those air on high, this is a need-to-know hack.
Lou’s solution? Spray Healthful Home FOG-U Mold Odor Indoor Fogger into musty vents to eliminate any overpowering mold odors. He also suggested using the Healthful Home Mold Magnet for this common problem, as well as a cleaner for the unit’s coil to leave the vents smelling fresh.

Another viewer, Karen L. from Middleton, Wisconsin, wrote, “I was wondering if you know the best way to keep squirrels from getting into my car and eating the wires and nesting by the engine.” Karen has already tried moth balls and wants to know what else Lou would recommend.
Lou said that hanging a rodent repellent inside the engine compartment should do the trick. Some repellents emit an odor that keeps the rats and squirrels away, but is not offensive to humans or pets.

And Helen B. from Deer Park, New York, said that she’s “tried everything” to clean her glass shower doors, but nothing has been able to get rid off all the stains and streaks — she needs Lou’s help!
Lou introduced her to a new product called Bright and Clean. Invented by a 30-year glass installer, this product is a total game-changer.

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