How to Make a Water Garden in a Flower Pot
For a low-maintenance container garden, make a mini pond in a pot.
Tools and Materials
flower pot
caulk gun
heavy-grade plastic sheeting
measuring tape
plants ( water celery, white rush, brass buttons and water lettuce.)

Choose a pot that is at least 16” wide and 12” deep so the plants will have enough space to grow. When choosing a pot, make sure the finish will match the aesthetic of the desired area.

If the pot doesn’t have a drainage hole, skip to the next step. If the pot does have a drainage hole, seal it with caulk and plastic to make it water-tight.

Fill pot with water, leave one to two inches of room for plants at the top.

Mix varieties of floating, deep water and marginal plants for a diverse aesthetic. Leave space around the plants so they’ll have room to grow. We used water celery, white rush, brass buttons and water lettuce.

Add a fertilizer tablet once a month to control algae growth and give the plants more nutrients. Top off the pot with water when it runs low.

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