Gorgeous Design Ideas for Shared Kids’ Rooms
Kids either love or hate sharing a room with their siblings. We’ll help you turn the emotional tide toward love with design ideas that all room sharers will be on board with. Check out these ideas to get some serious inspiration and end the squabbles.

A Big Kid and a Little One
Everything doesn’t have to be equal in the shared room. Age differences can be a huge source of strife when kids have to bunk together. Eliminate the struggle by acknowledging the difference with the furniture you choose. Try a mixed bunk like this. The big kid in the room share will love getting to have a large, full-sized bed, and your little kid will be stoked to have the top bunk.

Tap Into Their Personalities
If your girls have girly personalities with a little edginess, they’ll be so into a design like this. Double down on the whimsy without seeming too young by adding bohemian-inspired design to their room. Tweens will be crazy for the unique style inspiration, and it will grow with them well into their teens.

Make Every Nook Count
When you’ve got more than one person in a bedroom, space can be at a premium. You’re doubling up on large furniture like beds which eat up floor space and can create awkward, unused islands. A corner like this one gets transformed from dead space into a useful and cozy nook with the addition of a shared bookcase and a dedicated spot for musical instruments

Add Privacy With Curtains
Kids want to have a sense of privacy, just like their grown-up counterparts, even if they are sharing a room. You can give it to them with curtains on their beds. These custom bunk beds give each of their owners a hideaway when the curtains are drawn. Added bonus: They’ll feel like they have their own little fort every day.

Share a Big Room
The owners of this massive, old school house had the square footage to spare but chose to put the kids together in one room. Six built-in beds are tucked away behind privacy curtains leaving a huge, wide open space for hanging out, doing homework and horsing around.

Delineate Storage Space
A single closet can lead to gripes about whose side is whose, so fix that by cutting it up. This shared closet had the upper shelf removed and a bookshelf and desk built down the middle dividing the “his” side from the “hers” side. Adding two clothing rods on each side gave the space back lost to the shelving.

Unify With Wallpaper
A twin nursery has two of nearly everything which can feel a bit overwhelming. Try tying everything together with a striking wallpaper. The dark color palette is pulled together with this large print paper that anchors the room and will grow as the babies mature.

Use Bookcases to Separate
Open shelving is one of the easiest ways to divide a shared space without closing off the different areas from each other completely. You can use one stand-up bookcase like this to separate one sibling’s side of the room from the other or use two bookcases so each roommate has their own shelving.

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