Few Fresh-Cut Florals That Last for Weeks

These stunning, hearty flowers are not only beautiful but super low-maintenance. With regular trimming and fresh water, a bouquet of these colorful blooms can last almost a full month.

Monstera Leaves
Also known as a split-leaf philodendron, these funky fresh cuts add effortless style to any space and boast a vase life of two to three weeks.

Lilies are the gift that keeps on giving. The key to long-lasting flowers is to select stems with several tight buds from the start. This allows you to enjoy weeks of new blooms on your kitchen counter.

Colorful Veggies
With a variety of fun colors, textures and shapes to choose from, vegetables can make amazing alternatives to flowers. Even better? Some pretty veggies last a week or two longer their blooming counterparts. Try a mix of cauliflower, artichokes, mushrooms and rosemary sprigs for a farmhouse-inspired arrangement that’s both pretty and edible.

Baby’s Breath
We know what you’re thinking: “Baby’s breath?” But hear us out. This inexpensive filler flower looks stunning when displayed in a large bunch on a side table or mantel. In water, these dainty blooms will last upwards of a month and will dry just as they are to be enjoyed for months to come.

Embrace simplicity. Lavender lends effortless style to any space in your home and looks especially glamorous in a gold vase. Add a fresh-cut arrangement in your bedroom for easy sleep and admire its beauty, even after it dries up.

Cut eucalyptus is an excellent choice for adding boho-style charm to your tabletop. In addition to its casual vibe, it adds a therapeutic, fresh scent to your space that can last three weeks or more in water

Intimidating though they may look, orchids can last up to 27 days in a vase. The catch? These regal blooms require diligent care and daily refreshment of their water. It’s also smart to place your vase out of reach of direct sunlight.

Thistle + Eucalyptus + Celosia
Silver dollar eucalyptus, deep red celosia and spiky blue thistle come together to create a trifecta of gorgeous, long-lasting florals. When the water’s all gone, hang each of these blooms upside down to dry — they’ll retain their color and shape for months of continued use.

Sea Thistle
Looking to add some drama to your dining room? A bounty of spiky, blue thistle should do the trick. Bonus? This unique, textured stem looks the same fresh and dry. (Meaning you can plan to keep ’em around for the long haul.)

Peony, is that you? Nope. This is the ever-affordable and readily available carnation. We love this bright pink, color-blocked arrangement. And even better? These beauties will stay fresh and fierce for over three weeks with proper care.

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