Maintain a good, clean home without breaking the bank. Save money and the environment all at once with these DIY home cleaning solution recipes.

In life, few things are certain, but a plumbing problem will always crop up when you least expect it. As a homeowner, it can be difficult to assess how severe the situation can be: how do you know when to call a plumber and when to tackle common plumbing issues yourself? Even if you aren’t a hardcore do-it-yourself person, there are some simple steps you can take before dialing your local plumber when these everyday plumbing challenges happen in your home:

1. They are cheaper than most commercial products
2. They clean without using potentially harmful chemical ingredients
3.They are more eco-friendly than most chemical products

Most of these homemade cleaning recipes use ingredients already found in your kitchen or that can be purchased at your local grocery store. Here are some easy recipes for some homemade cleaning supplies that you’ll want to keep on hand for different household tasks:


This recipe for homemade laundry detergent is an old favorite that has stood the test of time and uses only three commonly found ingredients.


There are several different do-it-yourself combinations and methods you can try for getting your windows sparkling clean with minimal effort and expense. For a truly effective cleaning process, try a tip from Martha Stewart’s playbook. Her window wiping method will have you seeing yours in a new light – and they’ll even be streak-free.

Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal isn’t smelling as sweet as you’d like, try these solutions instead of commercial products. Even using something as simple as ice cubes can profoundly reduce odor and improve your sink’s functionality. To boost the power of ice, you can add rock salt as well for a stronger cleaning.


Reuse some of your staple household ingredients, found in the aforementioned recipes, to whip up your own non-toxic floor cleaners. Not only will these methods be better on your wallet, they’re good for the environment and safer for small children and pets.

Start experimenting today and find out which do-it-yourself natural cleaning recipes work best for your home.

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