To get rid of odor you have to remove the source, not just cover the odor up with perfumed air freshener. Clean up and disinfect. Kill the germs that cause most household odors. The quicker you get after odors, the easier they are to remove.

Mix Your Own Cleaning Solutions

Ammonia, diluted with 3 parts water in an empty spray bottle can be used to clean windows, appliances and countertops. Full strength it can remove wax build-up from the kitchen floor.
An excellent way to scour copper and brass is 1/2 cup vinegar mixed with 1 tablespoon salt.
Full strength pine oil is great for deodorizing garbage cans, and scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floor.
Baking soda can be used instead of scouring powder and also removes stains and odors from refrigerators and coffee pots.
A sprinkle of dry baking soda before vacuuming will freshen the carpeting. Try it as a deodorizer for diaper pails and kitty litter.
Urine Spots

Get to them quickly with a solution of dish detergent and water.

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