Bring your baby girl home to an adorable and functional nursery. Here are some baby girl nursery design ideas for all of your decor, bedding, and furniture needs.

Patterned DIY Decor

If you don’t have one statement piece, make a collage of art for the spot above the crib.

Reading Nook

Baby won’t be reading on her own any time soon, but you can still create an area for when she reaches that milestone.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

It might be a good idea to keep a mirror somewhere in the nursery so you can check yourself out quickly post-feeding time and pre-commute. Baby will enjoy looking at herself as well!

Efficient Changing

Keep supplies in a bin right next to where you’ll be doing diaper duty for easy access.

Attention Grabber

Put wallpaper on an accent wall to make it stand out.

Binary Design

Black and white can look soft when paired with a pastel-colored wall.

Make Everything Fit

Different patterns can come together as long as they aren’t overwhelming.

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