1. White Room Inspiration-The color white is the unsung hero of contemporary interior design. Whether you’re searching the web, flipping through your favorite shelter magazines or visiting spaces in person, its not hard to see why. In color palettes everywhere, the color is as ubiquitous as it is fundamental, forming the basis of the color story in most rooms as the shade of choice for most walls. However it is just this level of preference that has made it so easy for us to overlook this hard-working color to focus on the brighter, popping tones for which white provides a constant backdrop. So to celebrate this under-appreciated color we’re taking a look at several gorgeous white rooms. It’s not a collection of rooms with white walls, white furniture and white accessories, but rather a look at how these rooms use white to set the tone or lead the way in their decor. Design is full of classic color combinations but there is arguably no combination more classic than black and white. In this room, a crisp, clean shade of white leads the way accented by pops of black and warm wood tones from the fireplace and floor. This room is largely color-blocked. Most of the pieces are only one color and there isn’t much pattern. Because of that, the the large moroccan rug is able to pull the entire room together as one of the few moments—the black and white pillows on the side chair is the other—where the room’s main colors appear together in one piece. This type of minimalism is emblematic of modern design, creating a serene and relaxing space. 
  2. Black and White Living Room-The use of white in this room is made interesting by the variety of surfaces and textures that are brought into the mix. It’s easy for a color like white to become simply part of the background. To keep it pertinent in a room that features black and white in a much closer balance than the previous example, this room uses features such as the white-painted brick wall around the fireplace to add a variety of textures to the use of the color. When creating these types of variations every little bit counts, so even the metal texture of the radiator helps to add another layer to the space. Finally, in a space where there are few pieces of furniture in white, the standing lamp stands out against the black bay windows, blending the wall color into the room.
  3. White Sectional in a Living Room-Another way to create texture in a white space is with wall art that uses the color in an interesting context. In this room, which layers different shades of white in the walls, sofas and coffee table base, the most interesting moment of the color is easily the eye-catching art that adorns the walls. This is an excellent way to add interest to a white wall without disrupting the color palette of the room.
  4. Dramatic White Dining Room -This space makes wonderful use of a white room by engraving dazzling scrollwork across the ceiling. While there are many ways to bring interest to the top of a room, from the use of wallpaper to colorful paints, there is an understated elegance to this approach, both because of the classic, historical nature of the detail itself, but also because it offers such an interesting counterpoint to the details in brown on the fireplace mantel. Again the tendency to overlook white spaces can be used to create some intriguing design moments in subtle and surprising ways.Continue to 5 of 10 below.
  5. Gallery Wall in a White Living Room – Art is one of the most important elements to have in a home. There are a number of wall colors to choose from when looking for the best one to display your collection, but there’s a reason why the walls in most art galleries are white. The walls in this room create a perfect canvas on which to display this collection of fashion illustrated figures.

Source: The Spruce

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