3 Tips For Cleaner Dishes
There is nothing more frustrating than opening up your dishwasher after a cleaning cycle to find your dishes wet or dirty.
Did you know, there are simple solutions to solve these frustrating dilemmas.

Check Your Rinse Aid.
Let’s be honest, rinse aid should really be called “drying aid”. This liquid is essential to the drying process and is one of the most common causes of wet dishes. So before your next cycle check your levels, even if using an all-in-one pac.

Spray Arm.
Once you’ve finished loading, give the spray arm a spin. Tall items like spoons and cutting boards can often block the spray arm from properly spinning, which could result in soiled dishes. Tip trick: check the height of the handles on your silverware basket. If your items are taller than the handles they will likely block the spray arm.

Overlapping Dishes.
Leave space between your items. If plates are arranged close together it can block the other from getting cleaned.

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